Marital and Family Law

When faced with the very difficult, life-changing events of a divorce or child custody dispute, The Wolfe Law Firm will provide you with strong, competent and caring legal representation to secure your future and your family’s future.

The Wolfe Law Firm handles all marital and family law matters including:

• Paternity
• Child-Support
• Time Sharing
• Alimony
• Child Custody by Family Member
• Modifications of Alimony, Child Support and Timesharing
• Relocation
• Enforcement of Court Orders
• Domestic Violence Restraining Orders (Injunctions)
• Family Mediation

Strength, Expertise, Compassion

Ms. Wolfe’s background as a special education teacher for emotionally handicapped children, and her many years as a trial attorney, have equipped her with the special knowledge, skills and sensitivity needed to represent clients who are facing life-altering decisions related to family law conflicts, such as divorce, child custody and establishment of paternity.

Ms. Wolfe’s strength, expertise and compassion will protect your legal rights and guide you through this difficult time in your life.