Experienced Divorce Attorney

Attorney Barbara Joan Wolfe understands that divorce is stressful and life-changing for you and your family.  During this difficult time, it is natural to experience feelings of anger, hurt, depression, anxiety and confusion.  You deserve the peace of mind of knowing that your legal interests are protected by a  competent, caring and experienced attorney.

Ms. Wolfe’s 30 years of trial experience enable her to represent you with strength, expertise and compassion, to ensure that all of the issues in your divorce case are resolved in your best interest and the best interests of your children.

When it comes to your legal representation, there is no substitute for experience!

Child Custody

Who will be the care giver and who will have parental responsibility for your children are among the most important issues to be decided in your divorce.

The Wolfe Law Firm helps parents develop a detailed Parenting Plan that focuses on the best interests of the child, and facilitates effective and cooperative co-parenting.

Child Support

The courts base child support decisions on numerous factors including the income of each parent and the number of children to be supported.  Attorney Barbara Joan Wolfe will ensure that the child support you pay or receive is fair, and will work for a change in the amount of support in the event of:

  • An increase or decrease in income of you or your co-parent;
  • A significant change in the Time Sharing (child custody) schedule;
  • Any substantial change in the needs of the child, such as unexpected medical or educational expenses.

Division of Property

Under Florida law, the debts and marital property you and your spouse acquired during the course of your marriage must be divided equitably.  The legal name for this division of property is Equitable Distribution.

Equitable Distribution does not necessarily mean equal distribution, it simply means that the division will be fair. Many factors are considered by the Courts when deciding upon the division of marital property. 

Attorney Barbara Joan Wolfe will protect your property interests and will ensure that your marital assets and debts are divided fairly in accordance with Florida law.

Alimony Help from a Strong Divorce Attorney

Alimony, or spousal support, is awarded when the Court finds that one spouse has the need for support and the other spouse has the ability to pay for that support.  There are several types of alimony awards, including Permanent, Durational, Bridge-the-Gap, Rehabilitative and Lump Sum alimony. 

Among the factors that the Court may consider are:

  • The length of the marriage;
  • The support needs of each spouse;
  • The assets available to each spouse;
  • The age, education, earning ability and health of each spouse. 

Attorney Barbara Joan Wolfe has extensive experience handling divorce cases involving complex and sensitive alimony issues, and will ensure that your legal rights are protected, whether you are the provider or the recipient of alimony.

Complex and High Net Worth Divorce Litigation

Ms. Wolfe’s many years of trial experience enable her to handle the most complex divorce litigation, including those cases with high net worth marital estates. When necessary, Ms. Wolfe will marshal a team of top-notch experts that may include a forensic accountant, tax expert, valuation expert, vocational expert, child psychologist, property appraiser and investigator, to ensure that your case is presented with compelling evidence and has the best possible outcome.

Strength, Expertise, Compassion

Ms. Wolfe’s background as a special education teacher for emotionally handicapped children, and her many years as a trial attorney, have equipped her with the special knowledge, skills and sensitivity needed to represent clients who are facing the life-altering conflicts of divorce.

Ms. Wolfe will vigorously protect your legal rights and guide you through this difficult time in your life with caring and compassion.