Criminal Defense

West Palm Beach Criminal Defense Attorney

34 Years Criminal Trial Experience

When your freedom, reputation and livelihood are at stake in a criminal prosecution, it is vital to be represented by an attorney with extensive criminal trial experience.

For 34 years, Attorney Barbara J. Wolfe has helped thousands of clients fight serious criminal charges here in South Florida. She has successfully handled all types of criminal cases at every stage of the prosecution, from the arrest through the appeal.

Board Certified Criminal Trial Specialist

Barbara J. Wolfe was Board Certified by the Florida Bar as a Criminal Trial Specialist (1992-2017). The West Palm Beach criminal defense lawyer earned this coveted credential by passing a rigorous certification process which requires a written examination, review by judges and peers, advanced continuing legal education and significant demonstrated expertise in the area of criminal trial performance.

A West Palm Beach Criminal Defense Attorney who fights to the end

Criminal defense attorney Barbara J. Wolfe has skillfully handled hundreds of criminal appeals. She will exhaust every option to protect your rights in the event you are convicted of a crime.

Ms. Wolfe Goes “The Extra Mile”

When a client was sentenced to a harsh prison sentence and all court  remedies were exhausted, Barbara refused to give up. She fought to get a hearing before the Governor of Florida, which resulted in her client’s prison sentence being successfully commuted from prison to probation!

Changing the Face of Florida Law

Barbara has the distinction of having litigated two cases in The Florida Supreme Court in 2010. The first case successfully changed the law in Florida for the mitigation of sentences in criminal cases. As a result, Barbara’s client was saved from having to serve a prison sentence. The second case successfully changed the law in Florida by deciding how Florida courts will implement Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law, which grants immunity from prosecution for the justifiable use of force against intruders or attackers.

*Names and details of cases will be provided upon request.