Appellate Law

Extensive Experience

Barbara Joan Wolfe has skillfully handled hundreds of criminal appeals from convictions in Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie, Okeechobee, Brevard and Indian River Counties.

Florida Supreme Court Cases

Barbara J. Wolfe has the distinction of having litigated two appellate cases in the Florida Supreme Court in 2010. The first case successfully changed the law in Florida for the mitigation of sentences in criminal cases, and as a result, Barbara’s client was saved from serving a prison sentence. The second case successfully changed the law in Florida by deciding how Florida courts will implement Florida Statute 776.032 (Stand Your Ground law), which grants immunity from prosecution for the justifiable use of force against intruders or attackers. Names and details of cases are available upon request.

District Court of Appeals

The Wolfe Law Firm handles all Florida District Court appellate matters, including, but not limited to, direct appeals, motions to correct sentencing errors, motions for post-conviction relief, Rule 3.850 hearings, and Petitions for Writs (Certiorari, Mandamus, or Prohibition).