Settle Your Case Without Court

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a process which allows people to settle family law disputes without going to Court, with the help of a trained, neutral third person – a mediator.

Why use Mediation?

Mediation offers many advantages over conventional litigation:

Mediation is far less expensive;

Mediation saves time. Cases are settled quickly and effectively in a fraction of the time it takes in Court.

Mediation is much less stressful and adversarial, and preserves family relationships.

Mediation is confidential and protects your privacy. There is no court file containing your private information that can be viewed by the public.

Mediation allows you, not a judge, to control the outcome of your case.

Attorney Barbara Joan Wolfe is a Certified Florida Supreme Court Family Mediator. Her extensive training and experience can help settle your case quickly, fairly, and inexpensively without going to Court.