Divorce FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce in Florida

When you are facing tough divorce and marital law questions, you can count on The Wolfe Law Firm to have the answers.  Barbara Joan Wolfe has been serving Florida residents for more than 30 years, and she is knowledgeable about the questions clients most frequently ask regarding their rights and responsibilities.

Can I avoid a “messy” divorce?

A messy divorce in court can be avoided through the process of mediation. It is possible to divorce with respect, and preserve family harmony. Please see the mediation page for more information.

How long will it take me to get a divorce in Florida?

How long your divorce takes depends on several factors.  The most important factor may be the willingness you and your spouse have to reach an amicable and speedy resolution.  Unfortunately, a bitterly contested divorce can take years to resolve, if one or both parties refuse to cooperate. Barbara works tirelessly to help resolve contested matters as quickly, efficiently, and economically as possible to avoid protracted litigation.

Other factors that may affect how long your divorce takes include the following:
• Amount of property
• Number of children
• Debts and assets

What are my rights in a legal separation?

While Florida Statutes do not address legal separation, it is possible to protect yourself from incurring more debts and struggling to pay your bills during a period of separation.  If you and your spouse have separated, Attorney Barbara J. Wolfe can petition the court for temporary spousal support and child support.  We can also help you determine the best possible situation for your children, and establish an appropriate parenting schedule.

Do I need a divorce attorney?

You can file your paperwork by yourself, but it is in your best interest to hire an experienced lawyer.  Barbara J. Wolfe is a dedicated advocate for rights in all divorce and family law matters.  While the courts may allow you to represent yourself, you deserve the attention and guidance of a qualified and experienced legal representative.